The one where I left.

Hi, Three years ago, I was a Masters student and Research Assistant on the verge of venturing into academia. That’s it, I thought, the corporate world had no place for me. The job hunt was exceptionally difficult, mainly because I knew what I was good at, but no idea in the slightest as to what to do with it. The word “Copywriter” did not have the same connotation in my mind until I sat across Suzanne Talhouk one warm spring afternoon back in 2015. Today, I know it’s at the very heart of everything I hope to become. This place awakened so many dreams in me and for that I am eternally grateful. Thank you, Suz. But even the greatest of copywriters would struggle writing this email, especially


Brant Hansen once said, “We cannot live a life with perpetual shock at how humans behave”. Forgiveness he thought, is absolutely fundamental to live a better and healthier life. But disappointment remains an everyday companion, especially when we give every ounce of our being and receive almost nothing in return. But does it do us any good to play the victim? To badger and whine about others not having the eyes to see us for what we truly are and give us what we think we so rightfully deserve? Probably not. To hold on to that means to hold on to a toxic kind of anger, the kind that destroys rather than builds, poisons rather than nourishes. Forgiveness was very much reinforced by Christianit

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