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Hassa Eliya


A campaign by Zain Iraq

Zain Iraq takes home two silvers at the Effie MENA Awards for its youth empowerment campaign Hassa Eliya

On Wednesday November 9th Zain Iraq claimed a great win at the Effie MENA Awards in Dubai, taking home two silvers for its youth empowerment campaign Hassa Eliya. The campaign was awarded in two categories, telecommunications mobile/internet and youth marketing, establishing Zain Iraq as one of the leading telecom innovators in the region.

Since 1986, an Effie award is a recognition of effectiveness in marketing communications, spotlighting ideas that actually utilize a creative strategy and deliver tangible results. The award is judged by a jury of international business peers and senior industry executives focused on identifying the industry’s most effective work.

Zain Iraq has always believed in the potential of Iraqi youth, who constitute the future of their country. Spotting a channel for them to express their creativity and talents, Zain Iraq launched Hassa Eliya – NOW IS MINE, a product of an insightful and effective marketing strategy brought to life through Zain Iraq’s marketing communications’ partner J. Walter Thompson – Levant. Zain Iraq brought together 3 bands of 17 underground artists to launch the campaign through an inspiring anthem that asks others to raise their voice and pursue their dreams.

Ali Al-Zahid, Chief Commercial Officer at Zain Iraq commented on the success of Hassa Eliya and the award saying, “It makes us very proud to see our vision being translated so effectively in the Hassa Eliya campaign and being awarded by Effies MENA. At Zain Iraq, we are grateful to everyone who made this possible, especially J. Walter Thompson, who has been our marketing communication partner and creative force. For 10 years now, Zain Iraq has been a strong believer in Iraqi society and we will continue to invest in empowering the youth to pursue their dreams.

The integrated campaign engaged with the Iraqi youth on multiple online and offline media channels. The launching anthem went viral, encouraging young Iraqis to live their stories like no local brand has done before. The 17 underground artists got local and international coverage driving thousands of other hopeful Iraqis to submit their dreams and projects in the hopes of being discovered too. The campaign enhanced brand affinity in the Iraqi market, further emphasizing Zain Iraq’s leading position as a telecom innovator in the region and a pioneer in catering to consumer needs, especially those of the youth.

Commenting on the awards, Iyad Krayem, Chief Executive Officer at J. Walter Thompson – Levant said, “We are honored to work with an innovative and forward looking brand like Zain Iraq and thrilled that our pioneering solution delivered such outstanding results, recognized by the Effie MENA Awards.”

To watch a video that summarizes the campaign please follow the link. https://vimeo.com/160065988