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Soul Pieces

It seems uninteresting Almost mundane That two perfect halves of one soul were made Made for a search unlikely to prevail Made for “it just wasn’t the right time” kind of tale “He was here too late” “She knew it was bound to fail” Made for an “almost” kind of love How unlikely that the world is kind enough For a match-made-in-heaven kind of fate Instead Maybe the world could breathe out fragments of soul Shreds of one small pieces of a whole The bits you find of you in a few others on their way Those who were made of dust from the same star That once lit the milky way Those who when you meet for the first time It almost feels like a reunion A familiar knock on home’s door Like a coming together Of what was never meant to be gone Star dust with Soul Lust You know its magic with eyes shut. And even if in this world That match was never meant to be made Even if there were mountains and oceans And years and hearts in between You’d still find them They’d still find you you’ll meet And you’ll know And then on your way you go 

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