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Old Friend

Old friend, It’s been a while, years, since we’ve said anything at all, so this may seem out of the blue.. or maybe not because I won’t even send it through. There has been a revolution. I don’t know if you’ve heard? I’m sure you must have, wherever you are in the world. The day has finally come. Didn’t I tell you, that it would? As you sent those applications, As you sipped on your wine and bitched about the traffic, the people and the times. I told you every time you lost your mind. I even told you while you packed your oversized bags. I told you while you were at the airport. I told you while I cried. I told you, this day would come. Maybe it doesn’t matter to you at all, but there’s finally some hope for this place. The people are different. I swear on everything I own, they are changed. Everyone is on the streets. All night and every day. Holding hands. Dancing. Chanting. Protesting. Seizing the day. They’re calling for the downfall of our sectarian regime. For rights and better pay. For public transportation. For civil laws. For love. Miracle love. Can you believe it it has finally come? It feels like a dream. A come-true mirage under our very same sun. There are fireworks, they fall like stars in the air. There are photographers on the streets, and oh the faces they’ve seen. There are flags. The same flag. There are discussions and tents where everybody, anybody, can talk. We’ve been hanging out at the egg.. do you remember the egg? The giant ball of dying hopes and dreams? It’s even more beautiful now that their resurrection is near. But you never believed me, and that’s fine. It was only expected, that you’d brush off the silver in every line. I don’t even believe me, sometimes. Still, I’m writing you this letter because I thought you should know. Just In case you missed it. In case for whatever reason, you never check Instagram, or open Facebook. In case you’ve called it quits on television and decided not to talk to anyone from back home. In case you’ve completely forgotten where you come from. In case you’d like to dance and chant, too. In case your heart isn’t still made of stone. In case maybe, just maybe, you’d come home.

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