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Better let it go

“But it’s normal” She looked at me with ease. ——— “What do you mean?”, I answered. ——— “It’s normal, that when lovers part they leave And choose to never again swim against the stream” ——— My eyes now a full circle, draped in the light of a sunbeam. “But by normal, what do you mean?” ——- “It’s normal”, she said. “Expected, that people want to seal broken doors Live to forget all the “once upon a times” and “befores”. Normal that they choose to dive head first into the present Forget everything that made an old love pleasant.” ——— My back now arched forward And I hoped to interrupt, But in her eagerness to continue I kept my lips shut. ——— “What does it do”, she said. “What does it do, to dwell on what no longer is? What does it do to build a home in memory’s bliss? It does not do, it really does not do. To ponder on what is gone, you lose sight of the new. Better be a memory that visits come the morning dew. A mirage that twinkles but slowly fades. A voice that whispers but withers with the day’s shade. Better let it go; This is one thing that all lovers know. Better linger in the dark corners of today Then spend a second lost in the lit hallways of a time gone away. Better reap the spoils of this moment’s triumphs Then wander too long in a dry field and it’s long lost trials. ——— Understand that there is no joy nor merit for lovers to revisit the past, expect if they were poets And even then, their muse is as good as dead and so, will be their poem.” ——— And so behind a delicate curtain of light a perfect sheet of water decorated my face and hung over my eyes. ——— “Better let it go, darling girl. Best let it go.”

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