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Brant Hansen once said, “We cannot live a life with perpetual shock at how humans behave”. Forgiveness he thought, is absolutely fundamental to live a better and healthier life. But disappointment remains an everyday companion, especially when we give every ounce of our being and receive almost nothing in return. But does it do us any good to play the victim? To badger and whine about others not having the eyes to see us for what we truly are and give us what we think we so rightfully deserve? Probably not. To hold on to that means to hold on to a toxic kind of anger, the kind that destroys rather than builds, poisons rather than nourishes.

Forgiveness was very much reinforced by Christianity, particularly because it flips the concept of justice upside down, but reinforces it nonetheless. Jesus Christ was said to have given himself to die on the cross as an interstellar reimbursement for our infinite human sins. The moral here would be to find it within ourselves to do the same, to “love our enemies”, and throw the standard “an eye for an eye” dogma out the window. Doesn’t sound fair though, does it? Well, not quite. Reciprocity or mutuality itch with frustration.

In moments like these, when we lay down our swords, we make tear-jerking choices, ones that come with a pang of sadness, almost always heart wrenching and painful. To let go rather than hold on, to surrender rather than fight. The truth of the matter is, the world will never openly hand us what we want. You will never emerge victorious without banging on the doors you wish to pass through; Bloody knuckles and all. It is also unlikely that you will succeed in doing so with hefty baggage and useless wrath at what could, would or should have been. Best let it go, for it is not a sign of weakness, but a key to your freedom.

It remains more likely than not however, that with the right amount of effort, the correct mindset and a few setbacks along the way that you will eventually realize those fiery ambitions. It is widely thought that good energy bounces off well on the walls of our universe. Be confident that some of it, eventually, will come back to you. It has been deliberated whether the law of attraction, most famously explored by Rhonda Byrne, is a fictional concept. I would say it is very much grounded in truth; the algorithm of what your mind can breathe into existence. If you can imagine it, whatever it is that you desire, know that it is already an intrinsic fragment of a very possible reality. Think of success stories like Oprah Winfrey, Will Smith or even Conor McGregor, a man who imagined his dream into inevitable certainty. The key is to take control and to release all the anchors pulling you in the opposite direction. As Ivan Young says, “everything which is now seen comes from that which was once not seen”. Constructive subconscious thought is the driving force of your life, it is the ultimate powerhouse of every effort and ultimately every invention or positive difference ever made.

As J. K Rowling once wrote, “Of course it’s in your head, but why on earth should that mean that it is not real?”

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