Trust the timing of your life

I was once told to Trust the timing of my life. But what is it really that I’m entrusting myself to? A ruthless grip, a raging machine that continues to drag me, and everything else in existence, into the unknown. Time, tell me then, how can I trust you? How can we trust something we don’t understand? Mankind has always dreamt of immortality. And when I refer to dreaming, it’s really more of an obsession. We write novels on vampires who can roam the earth for all eternity, stones that allow us to extend our lifespan and magic that will keep us forever young, but more importantly, beautiful. But even before our modern day, the Chinese wrote of a mortal who defeated the grips of time with a sp

Precious Garments in the Making

We have all had those moments when we feel like our world could collapse at any given moment. We battle with certain experiences, and sometimes, our own selves and the ideals we constantly try to reach and maintain. The perfectionists among us understand this a great deal. They are the ones that suffer the most when life comes tumbling down, because, hey we did everything we could to be everything we should be. So why were our cards dealt this way? The perfectionists among us also know that surrender is probably the most difficult of things. We need that sense of control. We need to be perfect. We wear smiles for a living, and hustle through life like it’s a game that we must ultimately win

Inter-religious relationships

"I love her, but we can’t be together." I must have heard this statement over a hundred times in my short but nonetheless significant life span, and not once did the pang of disappoint lessen. “We come from different religious backgrounds”, they tell me, “it couldn’t possibly work”. Religion was almost always the reason, and I was almost always mortified. Drenched with fury. The matter is irony itself. Religion, the supposed embodiment of God’s will for peace and love on earth, is the reason people cannot be in love. How lovely. Couples in inter-faith relationships are champions, to say the least. They go through all this unnecessary familial and societal pressure and master the art of prete

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