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The one where I left.


Three years ago, I was a Masters student and Research Assistant on the verge of venturing into academia.

That’s it, I thought, the corporate world had no place for me.

The job hunt was exceptionally difficult, mainly because I knew what I was good at, but no idea in the slightest as to what to do with it.

The word “Copywriter” did not have the same connotation in my mind until I sat across Suzanne Talhouk one warm spring afternoon back in 2015. Today, I know it’s at the very heart of everything I hope to become. This place awakened so many dreams in me and for that I am eternally grateful. Thank you, Suz.

But even the greatest of copywriters would struggle writing this email, especially if they’ve walked a mile in these immensely emotional, extroverted shoes. I have made a home in all of you, and that is in no way an exaggeration.

Today is my last day at JWT. 

I leave with a heaviness in my heart and more memories than I can count. I’ll always miss my little corner on the second floor, my mini-dikkeneh of a desk and the safety of this buildings’ staircase and balconies. I’ll miss the all-nighters, my nomad copywriting days, the blood, sweat and tears, and all the little joys in between.  I’ll miss Jennifer Sarkis and her unparalleled therapeutic presence – you truly are a “once in a lifetime” kind of affair. I’ll miss Raymond Seropian dragging me to the gym every afternoon – but making up for it with great wine escapades over the weekends. I’ll miss fighting tears and bursting into laughter with the incredible Lamis Kontar. I’ll miss working, singing and going on adventures with Maggie El Eid – our happy dance will always be a ritual I hold dear. I’ll miss yelling “chocolaaaa” (aka my love Nicolas Haddad) across the hall and laughing over the clouds with Gilbert Abdallah. I’ll miss cozy cigarette breaks and heartfelt chats with Clarou, my dose of Charly dad-jokes, Roman and Sara’s exceptional Turkish coffee and sharing an empty floor with the kindest of all, Tania Araj. I’ll miss Christine Mardirian and our Christapaluza days, Dana El Hassan and her beautiful heart, Yara Azzi’s nonchalant class and Mireille’s welcoming face every morning. I’ll especially miss denouncing femanzis and discussing everything and nothing with my dearest Sir Ramzy Salhab, losing my shoes (and other belongings) to his overlordship Gregory Musseroglu and giving up my proper non-trap English to my all-time favorite Moe Kobrosly – I am forever changed, and in the best ways possible. But mostly I’ll miss seeing all of your dear faces, no exception, walking through hallways, binging on Barhoum mnakeesh or sitting through meetings. Alaa, Sally, Elie Nasr, Vera Karam, Farhato, Carla, Marilynno, Yara Saad (yaryouuur), Yara Khraibani, Hadi, Ghida, Katia, Rana, Maher, Maya, Maralo, Abeer, Shades, Farah, Yasmeena, Matteo, my girl Shirtitude, Eddy, Gilbert Nahas, Lea, Nathalie, Randa, tony, tonnieeee, Chadi, Riham, Michelle and everyone else.

I’ll deeply miss you all, my just-colleagues who turned into family.

A gigantic thank you goes to Tarek Haddad, Nicolas Geachean, Laila Agassi, Alaa Ghazzi, Philippa Claire, Paola Mounla, Ramzy Naja, Iyad Krayem, Menna Ibrahim, Saadi and Billy Baz. I am truly humbled and honored to have learnt so much from such inspiring individuals.

J. Walter Thompson Beirut, you are forever home. I swear, if I could, I’d do it all again.

Until then, all my love,

Alissar Daher


J. Walter Thompson Beirut

47 Patriarch Howeiyek Street, Sabbagh Bldg., 3rd Floor, Beirut, 11-3093, Lebanon

T: +961 1 973030 Ext: 3125 M: +961 70 844601

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