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Leaving, too

I think I’ll leave too Throw this suitcase out the door I think I’ll do that thing I always wanted Go where I never have before Maybe I’ll do that Phd Decide to commit to the years It’ll be hard at first But I’ll write it out in tears Maybe I’ll leave for better things Like nicer buildings and more money Maybe I’ll go on an adventure And keep of mama a jar of honey I think I’ll leave too Say goodbye to my favorite faces I’ll lose a bit of me To keep of them a few traces Maybe I’ll leave tomorrow Say goodbye to my home Maybe I’ll drown all this sorrow Hum its songs on a subway alone I think I don’t have a choice But to fold these jackets and go No one’s staying anyway This life I’ll never again know I think I’ll buy as many books as I can Some Advil and local wines For when it gets lonely in that new strange land I’ll sip on red and write about the times I think I might as well go Save this love for some other rhyme Whatever’s mine I know Might have already missed me this time There’s nothing special about here Nothing first world or divine But in between aches and worry At least I walk a floor that’s mine But what’s done is done I can’t turn back the clock Undo the demise of a country When hope has left its dock I don’t think I want to go leave whats possible and go astray But this crippling dream won’t do When even destiny won’t get its way

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