The trouble with being an extrovert.

The trouble with being an extrovert. An Extrovert is defined as “an outgoing, overtly expressive person”. Quite frankly, this definition sucks (Sorry Google). An extrovert is far more than that. While an introvert is someone that refuels or loads up on energy in solitude and alone time, an extrovert is quite the opposite. The deal with us peculiar folk is that we reboot in the company of others. People are our ultimate source of energy. As grand as we are inside, they remain our ultimate solace. Not that anyone is pure introvert or extrovert, mind you. If that were the case we would all need a lunatic asylum, as Carl Jung, the man behind the concept, would say. Thankfully however, we all lie


I was watching a TEDx Talk on the skill of self-confidence, until, weirdly enough, I came across another talk on infidelity. The two subjects were inevitably related, I presumed, as infidelity constituted one of the most traumatic experiences to one’s self-worth imaginable. I have since been contemplating writing on the subject, a little too sensitive of a matter, to say the least. But here goes nothing. Esther Perel, a Belgian psychotherapist, took 20 minutes to break down this poorly understood act we call infidelity, or adultery. Her take on the matter is quite interesting, as it not only takes the side of the deceived party of an affair, but tries to understand the deceiver, a person we

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