Queuing in a dollar craze

I am tired I am afraid I don’t know what will happen. After today Wake up, make up I’m thinking “seize the day”. But the news is wretched The office is empty And it’s only Monday. I am scared I am derailed What part of the day remains to seize, anyway? What part of this dream will live to tell but a somber tale? What part of this mess Can I salvage, if we fail? What part of this plan Is but boxes and tape? What crossroad on this path Isn’t a queue in a dollar craze? I wonder when they gather For the last Payday Will we be numbers Or names to castaway? Word on the street It isn’t going away. “it’s only getting worse”, they chatter in dismay. Our world has bent i

Leaving, too

I think I’ll leave too Throw this suitcase out the door I think I’ll do that thing I always wanted Go where I never have before Maybe I’ll do that Phd Decide to commit to the years It’ll be hard at first But I’ll write it out in tears Maybe I’ll leave for better things Like nicer buildings and more money Maybe I’ll go on an adventure And keep of mama a jar of honey I think I’ll leave too Say goodbye to my favorite faces I’ll lose a bit of me To keep of them a few traces Maybe I’ll leave tomorrow Say goodbye to my home Maybe I’ll drown all this sorrow Hum its songs on a subway alone I think I don’t have a choice But to fold these jackets and go No one’s staying a

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