Old Friend

Old friend, It’s been a while, years, since we’ve said anything at all, so this may seem out of the blue.. or maybe not because I won’t even send it through. There has been a revolution. I don’t know if you’ve heard? I’m sure you must have, wherever you are in the world. The day has finally come. Didn’t I tell you, that it would? As you sent those applications, As you sipped on your wine and bitched about the traffic, the people and the times. I told you every time you lost your mind. I even told you while you packed your oversized bags. I told you while you were at the airport. I told you while I cried. I told you, this day would come. Maybe it doesn’t matter to you at all, but there

Revolution of Hope

Where am I? I’m floating on marching souls And I must be dreaming. The ground beneath us Rejoices at the beat of their soles. I can see them Lo and behold Lassoing a towering cross And tugging at the bright side of the moon. I can see them A wave of blazing flags They turn and they toss With a common sense of loss. I see women chained to the night Their immortalized bodies cutting even through spikes. I see their children Their cheeks a fiery red Now that tomorrow’s warning Has made its final strike. I see lovers Their eyes a watery glow Their hearts All at once, explode. I see them And I hear The sound of a hopeless past Shatter at their toes. Can’t you see them

Dear Lebanon

There’s a wound in you That challenges us not to love so we could love, regardless There are people in you That are intolerant and ignorant So we learn to tolerate, regardless There are ideas entrenched within you That we should not stand close When they kneel to a different god Or to no god at all So we stand close anyway There are places within you That are devoid of hope So that we could hope anyway There is a darkness That hovers over all of your tomorrows So that we live monstrously like it’s the last of our days There is a scar that runs through our chests And onto our parents’ wrinkling skin That’s even deeper than the void That is this This pressing thought Tha

Better let it go

“But it’s normal” She looked at me with ease. ——— “What do you mean?”, I answered. ——— “It’s normal, that when lovers part they leave And choose to never again swim against the stream” ——— My eyes now a full circle, draped in the light of a sunbeam. “But by normal, what do you mean?” ——- “It’s normal”, she said. “Expected, that people want to seal broken doors Live to forget all the “once upon a times” and “befores”. Normal that they choose to dive head first into the present Forget everything that made an old love pleasant.” ——— My back now arched forward And I hoped to interrupt, But in her eagerness to continue I kept my lips shut. ——— “What does it do”, she said.

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