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RGH Corporate Brochure Content




RGH is a dynamic investment group with a broad portfolio of businesses that capitalize on technology and calculated risk for value creation.


RGH is an innovative business incubator, transforming risk into opportunity, and seeking undiscovered talents and innovative solutions. RGH is a self-sufficient entity, one that designs and produces advanced technologies in-house. The Group thrives on entrepreneurial spirit; formulating strategic approaches to investment and leveraging expertise and resources across industries and regions to optimize returns sustain long-term growth and ensure community wellbeing.


Today, RGH operates across the sectors of security printing, biometric identification, smart card manufacturing, international gateway management, elections supply chain, lottery operations and gaming, mobile Value Added Services and applications, telecom infrastructure & managed services, cyber security, secure communications and others. The Group has earned the trust of governments and top tier companies in telecom and banking in over 50 countries across the Middle East, Africa and Europe.


The increasing diversification of the Group’s activities is achieved by building, acquiring and managing businesses, expanding them regionally, developing internal technical capabilities and partnering with world-class multinational vendors. Products, services and systems provided by the group’s various companies build on one another, enabling the development of comprehensive solutions that satisfy the most demanding customers.






RGH thrives on innovative technological developments as well as bright minds that foresee opportunities ahead of demand. Entrepreneurship being the ultimate driving force, our dynamic investment group continues to flourish based on strategic growth of unrestrained potential.

We have built our model on natural synergy and communication between our various subsidiaries. Our strategy is focused on carefully selecting new markets and sectors which are in harmony with our core expertise. This sustains our growth and creates added value for our clients, employees and shareholders alike.


Our international presence and multicultural team accentuate diversity as a key strength, and play a vital role in our expansion. Our main edge of turning high risks into challenging opportunities have allowed us to successfully sail against the wind creating a solid track record at a time when the world economy has slowed down.

As a result, RGH continues to fortify its position as a regional player and a pioneer in technology throughout the Middle East and Africa.


Our management relies on industry expertise, investment knowhow and commitment that drive the Group’s vision across our subsidiaries. Our team of experts has flourished on a culture of brinksmanship, and a pursuit of excellence. This hands-on approach, coupled with transparency, accountability and governance, results in sustainable value creation for the Group that is translated both internally and externally. RGH enforces rigorous standards through well-defined policies, processes and systems, leading to measurable quality at all levels.


Today, RGH’s multinational team exceeds 1,600 members, and this number is expected to grow at a fast pace along with our planned expansions. We look forward to taking our success story further, seeking out new opportunities and maintaining our position as a hub for technologically advanced solutions. Our accomplishments to date, as well as our passion, serve as the strongest inspiration for the many milestones yet to come.








RGH aims to redefine entrepreneurial intelligence by offering innovative technological solutions and through its specialization in building, acquiring, and managing companies in diverse sectors.






To be a reference in value creation, by fostering innovative technological solutions and maintaining an unmatched entrepreneurial spirit on the international stage.








We have acquired the ability to foresee success in high risk, by identifying challenging prospects and striving towards them in a knowledgeable and detail oriented approach. Forecasting thought-provoking opportunities are at the core of our operations.



Our employees are driven by an attitude of brinksmanship where stress and anxieties are annihilated through dedication and unyielding pursuit of excellence. These highly motivated, intelligent and educated people optimize their potentials in a culture of teamwork, transparency and ethicality.



We maintain transparency and integrity in everything we do. We conform to the needs, priorities and goals of the organization by defending, supporting and promoting strategies that are true to our brand essence.







RGH was born as a result of an innovative and rebellious mindset, one that challenges the ordinary and thrives outside the comfort zone. Venturing into new technologies ahead of demand have made RGH a technological hub that creates and unburies concealed needs, while constantly adapting and improving.



We believe in the power of a healthy community, which remains the definitive partner and driver towards success. RGH understands its role towards creating economic prosperity, and allowing society’s ultimate resource, its people, to flourish.








The ability to attract and retain human talent is central to RGH and its existence.


RGH employees are talented individuals who are in-tune with their passion. Much like the company’s entrepreneurial essence, they are natural visionaries who always question how things could be done, better.

At RGH, we strive to surround them with a favorable work environment in which their talent is rewarded, career growth opportunities are offered, and where equity and respect for the individual are fundamental. Our employees excel in a modern atmosphere that is both inspiring and entertaining. We recognize that our people are our most precious asset and by developing their potential we can optimize our own.


At RGH, as in all of our subsidiaries, we are committed to build a workforce that will keep carrying us forward to greater success.







RGH believes that the foundation of its success lies in giving back and fostering a healthy community.


Through strategic investments, providing job opportunities, fostering innovation, and raising industry standards, RGH continues to create successful enterprises and contributes to economic growth. Being at the heart of the digital age, technology continues to be the key towards development. For that reason, RGH strives to invest in startups by providing financial support, mentorship and knowledge, especially to young talents. The Group also carefully weighs every business activity with regard to its impact on the environment and the community at large.


It is our aim to ensure sustainable development and prosperity while demonstrating moral consciousness and transparency in our actions towards all stakeholders. Through this approach we hope to bridge the technology divide, bringing forth innovations, solutions and expertise to the doorsteps of the markets we serve.