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Revolution of Hope

Where am I? I’m floating on marching souls And I must be dreaming. The ground beneath us Rejoices at the beat of their soles. I can see them Lo and behold Lassoing a towering cross And tugging at the bright side of the moon. I can see them A wave of blazing flags They turn and they toss With a common sense of loss. I see women chained to the night Their immortalized bodies cutting even through spikes. I see their children Their cheeks a fiery red Now that tomorrow’s warning Has made its final strike. I see lovers Their eyes a watery glow Their hearts All at once, explode. I see them And I hear The sound of a hopeless past Shatter at their toes. Can’t you see them dancing? Their laughter The greatest sound The world has ever known. I can smell the corn The fireworks shimmer and burn, Masks at every door. Where am I? I’ve seen these faces And I’ve walked this floor But I’ve never really been here before. I can almost taste the tears The fresh and the old. The sky joins in It whimpers and it pours. And so they sing and they chant And my faith they restore. This can’t be a dream, This is unity’s wealth and we will never again be poor.

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