Karma, Oh, how have I wronged you? Did I not Give what was meant to be bought? Karma my mantra The chant of a quiet heart Did I not entrust you? wall to wall, Dot to dot? I do not wish to anger you To dwell on what is not I know, sweet karma. The interests you have sought But the stars won’t align, Neither will they part you hand me the world But not for what I fought? Forgive me, I do not question. Your will I can’t outsmart. I merely carve the signs That rip your ways apart. you are neither penalty Nor prize Nor the end to the start. Karma, my mantra you are neither destiny nor justice bled in art. My wish, your bullseye But I’ve hid the darts.

Burning man

I saw him A dream etched in flesh His eyes, an emerald glow My soul unpacked with a thresh I saw across a crystal room I saw him despite banal Unfamiliar gloom I saw his smile A lost epiphany His mouth A maddening symphony I saw him Flawed but agile passionate But fragile I heard him My burning man My heart deceived me then I saw him And there was no return A heartache Carved with a cigarette burn


Silence can be maddening, particularly for the extroverted of our kind. It’s even worse when you’re expecting something. A message. An apology. A word of understanding. Unfortunately, there are times when those things never come. I remember many moments in my life when I waited in limbo. I remember Yearning for a text. For a love that didn’t want me. For reassurance that now I know, no one could give me but me. Last year, on this day, I had no idea life would shape up this way. I remember spending the last couple of hours of 2017 coping with a snowstorm (literally) and another storm of a different kind. I was moving a week later. I said goodbye to my friends and family. To an entire life. T

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