Love is immortality

Love is immortality, Jason Silva said. The irony was not lost on me. A lot of the love stories I’ve heard of didn’t live to see the light of day. Worse, other tales died prematurely, a painful sting of disappointment that I know often leaves a beautiful, but nonetheless hideous mark, to last for the entire span of a lifetime. Only the scar, you might think, is immortality. The internet defines surefire or sure-fire as an adjective for something that is “certain to succeed”. Listening to John Legend’s new song I’m thinking the word means something completely different. “We are surefire”. It felt like something that’s destined to burst into flames. Yes, “we’re dead meat” was more like it. My d

Lucy in the Sky

A year ago, i would have sworn that I would never, in a million years, jump out of a plane. But there I was, knees quivering, heart bounding, staring down at death and ready to fly. This is Over a year later And Let's agree, I don't feel the same. I spent most of the ride up trying to find one good reason why I was doing this. I found plenty, mind you, but they all paled in comparison to the heart wrenching anxiety eating at my skin. Sky dive, they said, bloody idiots, now there was no turning back. Then the door opens and you're thinking waw this is not right. You've never been on a plane with the door open. Life flashing before your eyes, with a great deal of hesitation, you're pushed int

"Happiness is Bad for The Economy"

“The invisible hand” she told us, eyes gleaming with excitement, her bleach blond hair too shiny of a distraction. At that time, it seemed to me as if the concept of market equilibrium were life altering. Today, it sounds laughable. I do not, by any means, wish to demean Adam Smith in any way, I do however wish to reflect on that particular moment, when that woman confidently asserted that the market would eventually adjust itself. More importantly however, that that was good for me. I learnt to dismiss the notion, particularly since it was theoretical in essence, as all economic models are. There is no such thing as a pure capitalism. There was however another term that I came across rece

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