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Silence can be maddening, particularly for the extroverted of our kind. It’s even worse when you’re expecting something. A message. An apology. A word of understanding. Unfortunately, there are times when those things never come. I remember many moments in my life when I waited in limbo. I remember Yearning for a text. For a love that didn’t want me. For reassurance that now I know, no one could give me but me. Last year, on this day, I had no idea life would shape up this way. I remember spending the last couple of hours of 2017 coping with a snowstorm (literally) and another storm of a different kind. I was moving a week later. I said goodbye to my friends and family. To an entire life. That was it. Guess it wasn’t. I learnt that probably the most important thing in life is to follow your gut. There couldn’t be anything more fundamental than listening to your heart. It sounds cheesy. But it’s true. When you do that, that’s when the miracles start flying in. To everyone’s dismay, I didn’t roll with the wind, I pushed in the opposite direction. I must have looked like a fool. But I knew, in my heart of hearts, that There was no way I could settle for the shimmery but ordinary. You might not see it that way, but a slap in the face just might be the world’s way of steering you in the right direction. Take it. If something’s keeping you awake at night, that means life just took an interesting turn, much more so than your dreams ever could. Own it. Don’t crumble. No one wants to listen to your story, unless you’ve failed. And the people who stick around, regardless. And even more so, The people you meet right after. These people are god sent. Keep them. Cherish them. Love them. They made it to the other side. They can reap the spoils of your triumphs. And every step of the way, take the entire world with a smile. Reek with positivity if you must. Never let a setback ruin you. the blessings are around the corner. I promise you, the grass here is an emerald shade of green. This year has been brutal. Brutally happy. Brutally honest. Brutally telling of the world. But its brutality has shaped and honed me. I’m bigger, stronger, better.

And I’m so thankful. --

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