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I hope.

I hope that somebody loves you. I hope they carry the world to you in their arms, but insist you build your own. I hope they are gentle with your scars, and that they hold your hand to show you theirs. I hope they will paint your dreams when you describe them. I hope they stand close to you, without ever casting a shadow. I hope they love your insecurities, so much they become obsolete. I hope they never speak of promises, but whisper eternity everyday in their hearts. I hope they understand you without owning you, and in that knowledge, you find strength, not weakness. I hope they sing you to sleep when you can’t, and that they too, battle your fears. I hope they let you take your time as you burn the bridges to your past and That they hold the fire in their hands like a torch. I hope they send you on an adventure of self exploration and forgiveness, and that in their presence you fall in love with yourself. I hope they choose you. Selflessly. Sincerely. Unconditionally. Everyday. But most of all, I hope you do the same.

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