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25th Rant

My life has reached a full quarter.

What a ridiculous notion.

Forgive me, I do not wish to give a speech, or bore you all with a useless rant. I do wish to say a few words, even though I know that with today’s impatient souls a writer is at a disadvantage. Nonetheless, it comforts me that a lot of you might have already started scrolling past this. Better yet, a lot of you never even stopped to look.

I am 25, and it has never been a more beautiful time to be alive.

I thought that by this point I would have some secret formula or (back when I was a major Harry Potter fan) a spell or potion that would have at least started to lead me to my life’s purpose. Not that Rowling didn’t help shape some of my answers, unfortunately I have none of those things.

And Yet, I feel fuller, and grander than I have ever felt in my life.

The world has handed me many things, which I have embraced with open arms. To my dismay, the world has taken a lot too, which I presume is the natural state of things. Despite it all, I have stayed true to my purity, which many mistake for something else. Even so, that I believe has been my most precious blessing.

What I have learnt thus far cannot really be summed into a few words. One thing however I believe is worth mentioning, which is the ability to retain a peaceful state of mind. The use of the word mind is quite false here. The mind is tainted with errors, a secondary voice that plays against mankind’s happiness, as Eckart Tolle would say. It is really my being, my state of consciousness that I refer to here, and its ability to silence the depressive and doubtful rants of the mind.

I quit the “quest” to Valhalla a long while ago - long before I figured Ragnar Lothbrok (my all-time love) died to go there (not that his life’s journey was anything short of outstanding). I realized I have come to find my Valhalla every single day in a lot of the things I lived to take for granted. My morning coffee. My evening’s glass of wine. In family. In poetry. In music. In my late night drives to nowhere. In my daily hustle. In every person I have ever known and loved. In my ability to be truly and utterly present. I have found my serenity in simply existing, in trying to embrace this single moment which is my life. Nothing before it, and nothing past it really matters after all.

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