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Reimagine Everything - CME calls for the Lebanese to Reimagine Lebanon

There is an old saying that there are no problems in life, only opportunities. While some might take this for granted, nothing could be truer. How do you think we ever discovered fire or invented the wheel? In our fast paced lives, problems and challenges are our day to day companions that we have learnt to accept. Unfortunately, we tend to focus on the problem itself rather than finding a solution. For that reason, it is proving fundamental that we take the time to look for those silver linings and past problem itself, to discover creative solutions.

Another saying claims that logic can go as far as taking you from A to B, but a good imagination can take you everywhere. The power of imagination can expand the horizons of the mind to help us see beyond the obvious and beyond the expected.

While these two sayings might seem fairly simple, they contain the ingredients to change a nation; the determination to see the opportunity in a challenge, and the imagination to make it happen. Simple, but brilliant.

While Lebanon undeniably comes with a set of problems - and that is being modest – testimonies of this are at every corner, if you know where to find them. At the very heart of Beirut, in a small office in Monot, CME had made that vow to reimagine everything. Starting off with nothing but a few desks, a $100 worth of capital and a drive to excel, CME courageously ventured into software development. Thirteen years later, what was once a team of four now consists of 270 engineers located in five different countries. CME brought in tens of millions of dollars to Lebanon and is now recognized as a key solution builder by top multinational and U.S firms with more than seven registered U.S patents in various industries.

Stemming from that same insight, CME, in collaboration with Live Love Beirut, decided to create a platform encouraging all the Lebanese, especially the youngsters, to reimagine Lebanon and turn the country’s obstacles into opportunities. Thus, Reimagine Lebanon was launched as part of Lebanon’s Independence Day festivities, a day when all the Lebanese celebrate their patriotism and remember all the wonderful things their country has to offer. At the heart of this campaign is a competition that calls for Lebanese people to share their “reimaginations” of Lebanon. CME is calling for all the Lebanese to submit their ideas for a chance to win $10,000 along with free consultations to help in its implementation. Daniel Riscalla, president and CEO of CME USA in addition to four renowned jury members who come from different industries, will review all the reimaginations submitted in hopes of finding a breakthrough idea.

After the jury reviews all the submissions, they will choose a list of potential winners. The shortlisted contenders will be asked to work on a prototype of their idea and to present it in front of the jury at a private event during which the jury will select the final winner.

Reimagine Lebanon is a creative concept created by one of the world’s leading marketing communications brands, J. Walter Thompson. Through its offices in Beirut, the creative and PR teams put together this compelling campaign to encourage people to reimagine Lebanon as they would wish to live it. It’s an all-encompassing call to action that will live on beyond the competition and hopefully elicit real and tangible change.

Reimagine Lebanon constitutes an incredible opportunity that can change someone’s life, as well as our home, Lebanon. Our individual reimaginations can make a real and tangible difference nationwide to create that better Lebanon that we all deserve.

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