BML Bank's CSR Manifesto


Throughout the course of 2016, BML has paved the way towards a clearly defined CSR route, which will be brought to life publicly through the launch of “Be the Change”. In a nutshell, what BML was able to achieve is a clear CSR vision and strategy with calculated tactics that will trickle down from BML’s very own employees all the way to the public through this platform.


BML was able to generate enough news in an impressively targeted manner to guarantee its dissemination efficiently and appealingly. For that reason, the media picked it up immediately.


BML is very much about quality work, focusing on the kind of content generated far more than the quantity. This generated hype and attracted all main stakeholders, allowing them to engage with the brand like they never have before.


What BML achieved in 2016 is a solid foundation for a calculated communication approach that will unfold in phases to ultimately reach its main PR objective.


The best is surely yet to come.

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