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RGH Internal Rebranding

Inspired by its 5 Values


We were born as a result

Of an innovative and rebellious mindset,

One that sees success in high risk,

One that challenges the ordinary,

That thrives outside the comfort zone.

We are talented individuals

In-tune with our passion,


Natural Visionaries.

We believe in the power of a healthy community

Where we can innovate, inspire and create unparalleled success

With utmost transparency

And integrity.

We are Entrepreneurship

We are Brinkmanship

We are Transparency

We are Innovation

We are Community


We are RGH holding




We have acquired the ability to foresee success in high risk, by identifying challenging prospects and striving towards them in a knowledgeable and detail oriented approach. Forecasting thought-provoking opportunities are at the core of our operations.



Our employees are driven by an attitude of brinksmanship where stress and anxieties are annihilated through dedication and unyielding pursuit of excellence. These highly motivated, intelligent and educated people optimize their potentials in a culture of teamwork, transparency and ethicality.



We maintain transparency and integrity in everything we do. We conform to the needs, priorities and goals of the organization by defending, supporting and promoting strategies that are true to our brand essence.



RGH was born as a result of an innovative and rebellious mindset, one that challenges the ordinary and thrives outside the comfort zone. Venturing into new technologies ahead of demand have made RGH a technological hub that creates and unburies concealed needs, while constantly adapting and improving.


We believe in the power of a healthy community, which remains the definitive partner and driver towards success. RGH understands its role towards creating economic prosperity, and allowing society’s ultimate resource, its people, to flourish

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