January 30, 2019


Oh, how have I wronged you?
Did I not
Give what was meant to be bought?
Karma my mantra
The chant of a quiet heart
Did I not entrust you?
wall to wall,
Dot to dot?
I do not wish to anger you
To dwell on what is not
I know,
sweet karma.
The interests you have sought
But the stars won’t align,
Neither will they part
you hand me the world
But not for what I fought?
Forgive me,
I do not question.
Your will I can’t outsmart.
I merely carve the signs
That rip your ways apart.
you are neither penalty
Nor prize
Nor the end to the start.
Karma, my mantra
you are neither destiny
nor justice bled in art.
My wish,
your bullseye
But I’ve hid the darts.


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